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Chimney Repair, Rebuilds and Firebacks

Chimney Repair and Firebacks: We can carry out repair work on damaged flumes and chimney shafts. We can also rebuild damaged chimneys and fire systems including those damaged from firebacks.

We can do a pot replacement for damaged and worn pots

We do steel stud bracing support for cracked chimneys.

We can do heavy blockage removal.

We can repair or replace firebacks.

We have been in business since 95 and during our 20 years of experience we have encountered all types of damage. Here are some examples.

P1000639 Chimney pot cracked.


P1000712 Chimney shaft crack.

P1000663 Rebuilt chimney shaft.

P1010104 Destroyed fireback.

Exif_JPEG_422 Grill remains.

P1010135 Heavy blockage in pot.